Capsule Trace orientation?

Is there any way to have a capsule trace not have the orientation facing world up? The box trace blueprint node has a orientation input but the capsule trace node has not. Has someone just forgot to implement it for blueprint or is it just not possible at all in UE4 to define the orientation of a capsule trace?

Im guessing you need to turn it to have the Capsule be sideways not longways since a capsule trace in that direction would end up being very similar to a Sphere.

I think its possible and perhaps orientation added only for the Box was an oversight, the C++ has a set of generic functions which take any shape as the input and they support rotation of said shape.

The functions can be found here and range from Trace to Overlap to Sweep, there also seems to be Async versions of said functions as well.

What I’m trying to do is having a sphere trace on my VR Hands to check for world elements it hits (the start/end makes it like a capsule covering the hand), then when it hits something it does a capsule trace against the world element to check how deep the hand is inside the element to then push that world element out. Since the capsule trace needs to be the same shape as the hand, it has to be a capsule trace with the orientation of the hand.

Sweep does not seem to support orientation there. Well, I guess I’m stuck doing this with a box anyway since I can’t do any C++ and any sweep in Blueprint only works with a set location node.

You could perhaps use the velocityvector of the hand as the location for a custom collision component (Capsule is finicky) to do a custom sort of a sweep. You have the options for overlap or block there depending on what you require and custom collision would probably get you closer to your desired shape.

Yea, though overlap and block seems to be always event based meaning I only get info on begin overlap and end overlap. But I have it have now working fine with box trace every tick and for the body and head I use a capsule trace because there it is ok when it is always pointing up.

For anyone coming across this thread, I’ve made a fix and posted it on github: GitHub - Bit-Rot/ue4-capsule-trace-orientation-fix: A fix for UE4's capsule trace functions, which don't include orientation as a parameter (unlike box trace)