Capsule Trace Not Hitting On All Sides?

I have a capsule trace for objects on my character which is set to collide with WorldStatic objects.

My problem is the capsule trace doesn’t hit on every side of the static object it will hit on 3 and the 4th will not register a hit the side it seems to not register a hit on is facing towards the X axis, its not my mesh as I tested it with a cube and the same error occurred.

Any reason why this is happening?

Any help would be appreciated thanks.


is it something that you can reproduce in any other projects or is it that one specific project?

I tried on a clean thirdperson project and it failed to hit on the same axis but only on the stair mesh the beveled cube hit on all sides.

Another thing I found is that a hit would register on the intersection of the mesh but not on the flat surface itself, Whats the difference between the stair platform mesh and the beveled cube that would cause this?



Heya! While you’re in PIE try bringing up the console with tilde and type in ‘show collision’ for the engine to display all colliding components, maybe it’s not your trace but the other object that is missing something. Also, make sure you have set the Collision Profile on either object to Block since the least colliding one will be picked in case of a difference. Lastly, do you still get the same result if you check the “Trace Complex” boolean in your Capsule Trace node?

Both the stair mesh and beveled cube mesh have the same default collision profiles but only the beveled cube will hit on the X axis, when I turned on “Trace Complex” the beveled cube did not hit on the X axis anymore, I tried setting them to block all etc and nothing worked.

I also tested this on sphere traces and the same error occured.

So I tried to recreate in an empty project and didn’t run into any issues except for when I made the Start and End inputs equal in the Trace node. I created a BP which did nothing but a Capsule Trace for Objects on Tick (for Pawn type) and then in PIE I moved a second Actor BP all around the Trace with nothing but a SphereCollision Component set as Pawn type and to Block All. Here is my BP and results:

Thank you! the trace did start and end in the same place for me so I bumped it up a bit like you did and it worked out fine.

You’re welcome!