Capsule that can't fall over

I want to create a BillBoard style in game Pawn, that uses a picture on a plane. I can do this no problem, however what I cannot seem to achieve is to stop the capsule falling over under physics.

I assumed that by locking the capsules rotation in the physics tab I could make it so that it move in all directions but could not fall over, however this does not seem to work. Is there an easy way to achieve this? I can get it to stay vertical if I change the collision preset to BlockAll however I think this may limit me at some point in the future. I also do not quite understand why this would be the case (in addition if you drop it from a small height it jumps off presumably because it receives an impulse?)

I did look at just using a billboard early days but I want the pawn to always stay vertical even if the player passes over it and the standard billboard does follow.

I’m consuming YouTube tutorials at quite some rate right now however nothing has come up that puts me on the right path here, anything you can offer to help would be gratefully received.

Under the “physics” options of your capsule, when you expand the options, there is “Inertia Tensor Scale” where you can set the Y value to either zero or a very high degree. This will prevent the capsule from falling over.

Note that it may affect rotation the capsule would normally inherit from a platform you are standing on (meaning the platform can rotate but the character stays the same).

Thank you, I will have a look for that. It is quite a balance working some of this stuff out but I’m having great fun. :slight_smile: