Capsule Height Changing from Center When Character Crouches

I have a player character that i based off the first person character BP that is provided with UE4. I added a third person mannequin to it and set it up with animations. I also added crouch using the built in character functionality. When i crouch the capsule collider shrinks from the middle, resulting in the character’s feet ending up in the floor. I’m also using animations from the Animation Starter Pack and when i add the same functionality to it, the character crouches correctly. I’ve looked at some youtube videos on crouching and done some google searches. the videos all work as i expect crouching to work and the other posts reporting my issue ended up using secondary capsules for crouch collision. I feel like i’m missing a really obvious flag here but i couldn’t find anything when comparing the two blueprints.

EDIT: solved; turned out i wasn’t using the inherited mesh component and apparently that matters.

I think the difference may be in the way the components are connected and grouped, but the BP code.

Take a look at the parenting in the component view…

You should also take a look at the animation sequence and your animation blueprint. I don’t remember correctly but there is options about the behaviour of the animated thing, root motion or something like that.

so it turned out that the issue is that i wasn’t using inherited mesh component. i had the mannequin mesh added as a separate component, although it was at the correct level in the hierarchy. i assume that the issue occurred due to whatever method is used to keep the character in the same spot when the capsule move/scales.

thanks for pointing out root motion, wasn’t aware of it.