Capsule half height doesnt update physics

I made a small script: if you press ctrl your capsule half height changes to 55. If you release it goes back to 96. On ctrl press the capsule appropriately drops lower to the floor, when I release this does not cause the capsule to rise back up. It does not update until I start moving. Video showing what actually happens:

The capsule center is halfway between the endpoints (top and bottom), so shrinking it brings the bottom up off the floor and you fall. Then if you make it larger, this is still from the center so it expands down into the floor. You’d first need to move the capsule up before making it grow again.

Also make sure you have “Always Check Floor” true on the character movement, otherwise you have to move for a floor check to occur (this is the default).

Wow, it works!!! Thank you a lot. I find your answer very logical and rational. However another mystery for me is all of the tutorials I’ve seen do not do this step, and the script works for them. Why? Wasn’t this needed in previous versions?