Capsule component rotation

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I’m using a custom character for my game. As you can see, my temporary spaceship has not a good capsule component. There is a way to rotate it to fit to my spaceship?
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Thank you a lot for the help.
I don’t understand the second solution. Should i use a Pawn or Actor Class instead of Character Class?

In short, no you cant, as it is something came from the physics engine…But, you can still get a closer result by any of the following solutions:

  1. Set the Capsule Radius and Heigh as the same value to get a sphere shape, that matches almost your mesh.
  2. Build a controller from scratch based on any other class (Pawn or Actor for example) and then set all the rules you want!


I meant you use Actor or Pawn to build your own controller (based on physics or vectors it doesn’t matter), and then you can add whatever shape as a collision mesh for the spaceship.


Can you make me an example?

Thank You!

Not many people will make you a whole example. Maybe post a picture of two if they have time to open the editor up and create it.

Your capsule component can be rotated by selected itl ike you have so its yellow then presssing E and moving the rotation handles. You cannot do this if you just deleted the first person character and replaced him with a spaceship model.

WHat you can do is make a new character or pawn class (Content Browser → right click → blueprint class → character or pawn and setting up the character exactly how you’d like, even copying stuff from the stock 1p or 3p character OR you can select the “Capsule Component” from the components list and then go to the details panel which you have open in your picture it looks like (right hand side) and changing "Capsule halfheight and capsule radius till it fits your mesh as closely as possible.

So in order of easiest down

Rotate Capsule Component
ResizeCapsule Component?
Create a new, custom pawn
Create a new, custom character

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Did you get it working and placed around your ship?

Yes, I did. Thank you!

You Can do it in BP! And it’s quite simple.

In my example i have a capsule and a static mesh as it’s child. First put capsule as the child. Then turn the mesh around and the capsule will follow that rotation. Then make Capsule father again and it will remain that rotation.
For finishing , turn your static mesh accordling.

That is a trick!