Capsule Component Collision Issues

I am working on a first person game in zero gravity. All movement is physics based using linear and angular impulses (which is working great now). I am just having the problem of what happens during collision. My character is currently just a capsule component, default skeletal mesh, spring arm, and camera. When I hit something, sometimes I bounce normally, but other times I am sucked into the object and spit out at an amazing speed. Other times it looks like my camera zooms in on the mesh, turning my rotational movement into translational movement. Any ideas on the best way to set up collision for a physics based character (capsule component) would be appreciated.

I fixed it. Another topic led me to the answer. It has to do with the spring arm’s camera collision properties. I changed the probe size to 0 and it works well now. Not sure if that is the proper way to do it, but it seems to be fine now.