Capsule Collision

I am having problems with Capsule Collision. (tested on EU 4.25 and 4.26)

Originally I was experiencing issues with Foliage Collision for Trees, but I was able to narrow it to Capsule collision.
I have some static meshes with single **Capsule **for Simple Collisionin level and I am using default first person player pawn blueprint class.
The problem I am facing is getting stuck in them.

I was able to easily reproduce the problem in clean project:

  1. add mesh with Capsule Collision into level
  2. run or jump toward it / between two of them (sometimes I am getting stuck just by walking close to them.)
  3. getting stuck

Either I get stuck slightly in the air and player is animating falling or I get stuck partially in the floor. Sometimes I am able to crouch and get out but mostly the movement is blocked.

It looks like the meshes that are tilted toward the player or tilted against each other are having issues with the player capsule.
I tried to debug current floor for the player pawn and it returned: BlockingHit: true
WalkableFloor: true (sometimes false sometimes true when stuck in the air)
LineTrace: false
FloorDist: 0.000244
LineDist: 0.0

I think the core of the problem is that the player’s capsule somehow overlaps with other actor capsule.
If I enable “Trace Complex on Move” for player capsule this problem no longer occurs. After switching To Box, 10DOP-Z Simplified, Convex **Collision **everything works fine.
My current workaround is detecting whether the player is stuck and try to re-project it’s location in movement direction (I don’t want to change collision primitive just yet).

I’m having these problems as well. Hope someone answers.

Same here, I was regularly stuck on my foliage trees before changing all the capsule collisions to box collisions. Seems indeed like it’s a bug for capsule collisions !

I am having issues why is this bug not fixed im on 4.27.2

if you take a cube and add a capsule collision to it and place it on map then player will always get stuck