Capsule borders don't collide with cloth

Hi, I’m working on a dress for my character, I tried both simple and tapered capsules but this still happens, the cloth doesn’t collide with the capsule’s borders at all. Does anyone know why this happens and how to fix it?

Did you tried it in runtime? Editor and runtime performance can be very different.

And cloth behavior depends on it’s settings. You should try to play with cloth parameters too.

I tried runtime but it still persists, I also tried changing some cloth settings as you mentioned but it doesn’t make much of a difference, the capsule body acts as if it’s a cylinder. Sphere bodies on the other hand work fine, the problem is that I’d have to have multiple of them for each bone for it to work as intended with capsules.

I have just posted an answer in another cloth collision issue topic just in case the reast of the posts won’t help you

(check out either the marked solution or my comment at the very bottom of the site)

This must be a bug, but here’s the solution…

Create a new physics asset with the least amount of capsules possible for a good simulation. I mean less than 10ish) - The other poster is right on that.) I used tapered for the best effect. When creating the physics asset from the body asset (skeletal mesh), I also jacked up the amount of capsules (by lowering the bone size) but then deleted the unneeded ones after the fact. This gave me good, relatively precise results on a dress.