Capsella The Lights of Lucern

Hello Everyone!

After a lot of work, we are now going live with our game!

Capsella, The Lights of Lucern is an action RPG that takes place in Galad, a mysterious and magical universe.

Four heroes were chosen by the goddess to hold the Capsella, an artifact that is capable of dispelling the darkness cast on the Link Crystals that is breaking the balance between light and darkness.

The heroes will face multiple dangers across the land to dispel the Crystals and find out who is behind the attacks. This is the first game of a trilogy and takes place in Lucern dimension. Up to four players can embark the adventure together in a local co-op session.

We are also debuting on brightlocker! If you are interested on the game, you can find more information, discuss, share your thoughts on design decisions and support it there!


Here’s the first teaser!

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Hello Everyone!

We’d like to introduce the 4 heroes that will carry the Capsella!

Lucas Rochben

Special Ability
Taunts the enemies to attack himself, protecting the other heroes.
Other Technics
Focuses on targeting multiple enemies and charging into battle.

Laurina Thoron

Special Ability
Hides herself, becoming invisible for a few seconds to re-position.
This isn’t fleeing.
Right, say that again and I will hit you.
Other Technics
Focuses on targeting one enemy at time and use quick moves to evade attacks.

Aran Hathel

Special Ability
Parries the enemy attack if executed at the right moment.
Other Technics
Focuses on destroying everything around him.

Ambar Aranel

Special Ability
Creates a magical barrier around herself, bouncing off projectiles.
Other Technics
Talented mage by nature, she fights using spells to distract the enemies while she prepares bigger

And we just got officially premiered at brightlocker! Don’t miss our promo!

Hey guys!

I’ve been working on the scenery and also updated the game to 4.18, the new volumetric lightmap is just epic!

Sanctuary Lake, water shader:

Volumetric Lightmap in-game:

I’ll be adding a devblog soon!

If you want to know more, check our game at BrightLocker!


Adding some screenshots of the level, it’s a heavy rain night!

We’re gonna release the first footage of gameplay soon!

If you want to know more, check our crowdfunding campaign at BrightLocker!

Hey guys!

Showcasing Aran and the entrance of Aina’s Sanctuary, here’s the first gameplay video:

Let us know what you think! You can support us at BrightLocker!

Hey guys!

A collection of in-game screenshots, improvements on the level lighting and UI.

You can find out more at our campaign at BrightLocker:

Hello everyone!

A small breakdown of the special effects that I made for our game, you can check it here:

Have great week!

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Nice man, i like what u have so far. It’s nice to see other brazilian teams with some sort of good dev level. Very very nice effects. Best of luck, cheers!

Thank you! It’s not easy for us but we can’t give up, right? :slight_smile:

Hey guys!

We just launched the first demo of our game, you can find it at

Your feedback is more than welcome, let us know what you think!

Merry Christmas!

Hey guys!

We are proud to announce that we are part of the alpha of the new digital distribution platform The Abyss!

Find out more about here:

Hello everyone!

To celebrate the new FREE cooperative demo, we will be running a **special daily giveaway from 4/10 to 4/24!**

You can find out more about it here:


Hey guys!
We’re running a special 25% discounts on all our rewards at BrightLocker!
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Some screenshots!
We’re adding dialogues and cinematics now, time to work on that story!

Hey guys!

We are proud to announce that we are on Steam now!

We are entering early access on June, 23!

Hello everyone!

A lot happened during this time! We’ve got approved as consoles developers, received the Microsoft Xbox One devkit, and improved and updated the game!

You can find all the news related here:


We’re working on a new update, so stay tuned for more news to come!

Like your idea, is it possible to try demo now?

Hey Pregily, sorry for the late response, the game is currently under early access on Steam, currently there’s no demo anywhere.

We are launching several updates as well, this is the latest:

Hello everyone,

With the COVID situation, the development of the game suffered a serious hit as everyone involved were severely impact by the crisis, but we are still going strong and further with it!

We are currently integrating an online multiplayer environment and reworking stages and characters, fitting our views for the game.

Thank you!

Bravery Team