Capacity importing?

**I was just wondering how big the file may get for it to get imported with out ue4 crashing down on me.
The reason is I imported the same item two times and it crashed both times. Then I searched how big it is and its 62.3mb.


Hi Dot007,

There is not limit set on the size of the import and is only limited by the hardware being used. There are a few known issues right now with crashes when importing assets though.

  • Can you post your call stack that comes up when the crash happens here in a text file? Also, include the Machine ID and Epic ID.

  • While it may not be neccesary, if you want to attach the asset here as well or send it privately, this may help immediately reproduce the crash on my end for quicker testing. It’s up to you though.

Without this information it will be hard to know what is causing the crash and what specifically with your asset may be the cause of the issue.

Thank you!