Capable Of Doing Alot In Various Different Areas Of The Engine

I am looking to do some freelance work in the engine, my skill set covers a lot of different areas. I mostly am into shooter style games, here is a link to my youtube page that you can look at to see some of my various work John Galt - YouTube

Drop me a line if you think I can be of any help to you!

This playlist shows my latest work, creating a custom FPS template, it contains a lot of mechanics, and a pretty slick weapon creation system.

I do not code, I am a blueprinter.
Mostly I am into shooter type games, with limited melee attacks.
I work in the master/child blueprinting fashion, creating a master blueprint that can then create child blueprints with lots of tweaking possibilities.

will edit this to be more clear as questions come in

linkedin profile? A bit of history of your programming background and history would be great

No I am not on linkedin, and I don’t program, I blueprint, guess I should be more clear about what my skill set is. I will edit that post, just wanted to throw my hat in the pot to do some helping out people where I can and make a little side cash. Any mechanics you see in any of those videos are made by me in blueprint though :slight_smile:

I’m also 41 so I’m a old dude, I have been messing with modding games since 1998 tribes 1, and since have used UDK, and now UE4, I can do quiet a lot of things in various different areas, I thought those videos would show off what I can do. I will add more things to my profile to make it more clear though.

Thanks for the reply!

Great, looking forward to it… feel free to email us at with some examples of your blueprints and your background… might have something for you here

I don’t really know what you mean by examples, I thought that custom FPS template videos would be example enough. I cant go much further than that if I show how its made, that would kinda defeat the purpose of needing me, since you could just look at it all yourself.

So if you don’t mind, could you clarify what type of examples you are needing?

Thank You For Your Interest