Canyon Mining Environment Pack

Hey guys!
I just released a new environment asset pack on the store, it contains around 65 individual assets and comes with a demo scene and a couple of custom materials that support sand and a layered rock pattern overlay to help merge the individual assets into a single large-scale environment.
Please check it out if it’s something you can use. I’m also happy to answer any questions!

](Desert Canyon Mining Environment Pack in Environments - UE Marketplace)

The Canyon Mining Environment Pack is designed to bring large scale Canyon-themend environments to life using high-quality assets manually created from high-poly models.

The 18 large-scale rock models have a tweakable sand-on-top material as well as a layered-rock pattern that helps kit-bash them together to create fluent environmental structures.

The landscape material contains 3 different base materials, with a sand layer that can be used to blend with the rocks to make the environment even more seamless.

The 47 mining-related assets can be used to build smaller-scale settings on top of the rocks or landscape. They come with both modular elements (wooden constructions, rails and ropes) and more stand-alone assets like crates, wooden planks, hammer and pickaxe. Those can both be seamlessly used to create larger constructions like bridges, mine entrances and large railways over various terrains as seen in the demo scene.

Various assets are setup via blueprints to help the ease of use (Rails, Mine Carts, Assets hanging on ropes).

Everything comes with full PBR materials: BaseColor, Normal, Roughness, AO and a mask channel that can be used to blend additional detail or textures into the materials.

All of those maps and details are generated from high-poly meshes and thus offer the best possible quality.


  • 18 Canyon Rock assets with sandy top material and layered pattern overlay to better blend into each other
  • 15 rail assets, both modular and SplineMesh blueprint asset (including switches, rail ends, blocker)
  • 17 Mining deco assets like pickaxe, lantern, dynamite, crate and wooden construction elements
  • 2 Mine carts, setup as blueprints to fill with various resources like gold, rocks, crystals and coal
  • 9 Mine entrance elements (walls, ceilings, wooden entrance)
  • 4 Wooden construction elements to build towers, bridges and rail extensions
  • Landscape material with 3 different layers (Rocks, Sand and Dirt)