Canyon echo.

Hi! Is there any method to create a canyon echo? I need reverb with predelay more than 0.3 second. The standart reverb has the only 0.3 second. How can i get more? Imagine you shot in canyon space. The shot reflection must be sound later. Yes i can use the samples with echo sound but if i shot in a dry room the sound must be without echo.

haven’t tried it but it might be revelevant to my interests
so, have a bump!

Any ideas?

The New Audio Engine has a Submix Tap Delay effect with a 20 second delay line length.

As someone who is totally unfamiliar with the audio side of things, I’d love to see a training stream devoted to this sort of thing.

hey dan, can that delay time parameter be linked in blueprint to distance? i.e. the farther you are from the sound source that is triggering the delay, the longer (or shorter) your delay becomes. this is something we would do in frostbite for battlefield to great effect for a nice slap that would change based upon your proximity the sound source.

Yes, you just need a reference to the Delay effect.