Canvas, Widgets, Slots, and their relationships. I can't understand it.

I’m trying to set up a Blueprint Widget that manages everything on the screen during gameplay, adding, removing, hiding or showing its child widgets. This Widget will be created and managed from AHUD. I get those elements to be created, and the parental relationships established, but I can’t get the objects where they interest me at runtime. I think it’s because I don’t fully understand how the anchoring and alignment thing works.

This is what I have. Ignore Play button.

Anotación 2022-12-21 141647

This is the class that I intend to be the container for the rest of

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And this is what I’m trying to achieve:

At what point am I failing?

I already have it, my problem is that in the code I was not acting on the slot of the widget, but on the “slot” of the container.

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