Cant you Please explain what these mean

Kia ora

I making a material, well trying I wanted to blend the mountains rocks with moss and the grass
with dirt area’s (kind of patchy) and a sand beach so followed the tutorials

when I save I got:

[SM5] warning X3206: implicit truncation of veter type
[SM5] error X4510: maximum ps_5_0 sampler register index (16) exceeded

Truncation of vector type means you’re plugging a larger vector type into a small input slot, e.g you’re using a Vector4 (r, g, b, a) from a texture sample and you use that as input for an operation that will only use (r, g, b) components and output a Vector3. The original fourth component, a, will not be used and will be lost after the operation. If you want to get rid of the warning you can use a ComponentMask to filter out components of a vector.

When you get data from a texture like this you’re defining a “sampler”. Each sampler has settings for things like filtering and how they should handle UV coordinates that are outside the original texture. In ps_5_0 (Pixel Shader for Shader Model 5.0) you can only have 16 of these samplers per material. Basically you’ve got too many textures in your material.

Kia ora

Ok am I understanding rightly here I need to set the aplpha’s only on the Diffuse layer and take out say one
of the rock textures and have maybe only Rock Grass dirt and sand

Sorry very new to UE 4 and still getting my head round how this does things and nodes

More so, I found this page very helpful you could take a moment and check it out. apperently there is a clamp/Wrap thing that solves the issue

@Blacknibolion My man! That definitely fixed it (setting each texture sample’s sampler source = shared: wrap). Thanks!