can't Yaw but can pitch and roll

Please tell me Why cannot Yaw?

There has been a bug in unreal for a while with rotating past 360 degrees on Yaw, not sure if its fixed in 4.9. You should be able to get it to rotate from 0-360 degrees but once you hit 360 it normally just keeps jumping back to itself. There is some workarounds of jumping it back to zero and going again or you can just manually rotate the object in the blueprint and then rotate its yaw or something instead

I’m not sure is it the same problem. Mine problem is it won’t rotate a bit no matter which way and what degrees.

Is your “G” event being called? If not, then you need to enable input for that actor using an Enable Input node. Other than that, I can’t see any reason why your actor wouldn’t rotate.

If it is Character class, try to uncheck “Use Controller Rotation Yaw” in your class variables.

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The thing is I used the exact same nodes on the image but switch around the “+20” node to pitch, or roll. and (pitch and roll) both working. Just Yaw not doing anythings.

That’s the pitch bug, not yaw.