Can't work with ARK DevKit it is sooooo slow!!

Hi guys,

i started to use the ARK DevKit and want to try to make some small mods.
The Unreal Engine Editor is so slow on my Computer.
It took like 30 minutes to copy one file from the GenericMod Folder to my mod.
I dont know why.
This happens with every action i do in the editor.
Does anyone know this problem and a solution?

I did a verification of the Unreal Engine Data too.

Thanks guys.

Ultimately it depends on how powerful your computer is. A cheap laptop won’t be able to run the DevKit either at all or so poorly it’s just not worth it, and the same can be said for cheap-o brand name machines that big-box stores usually sell.

Still, there are some things inherent to the DevKit that will bog it down, especially the first time you try to do something every time you open it. When you try to right click on a file, copy a file, open a file or move it, the DevKit will freeze/lock you out while it loads all connected assets, and some general ones pertaining to the engine itself, into memory(your RAM usage will spike while this is happening).

My advice always has been that when you open the DevKit, jump straight into a PIE session(click the “Play” button to enter the test map) - the DevKit will freeze with this too - and once you’re in, “stop” or get out of it(just press Esc) then things should become a lot smoother.

If even after that the DevKit is extremely slow and sluggish to inputs, then it’s entirely possible, and likely, that your machine is just not all that capable of running it. And nothing can be done if that’s the case - bar getting a new machine.

It is a beast of a program and is a cut down version of what WildCard use for ARK, so it has some serious performance requirements to make the best use of it.


I would recommend at least a 4ghz i7 or better, minimum of 16gb ram and have the devkit installed on a SSD with a 15gb pagefile also placed on a SSD, these things will speed everything up for you

I’m running an A10-7850K with 16gb ram really without any problems. I will say the biggest difference I have seen was when i moved to the my ssd drive over the hdd.

Okay thx guys i think it is okay now.
It needs always a lot of time to start and then after a while you can work relatively normal with it.

My machine is way worse. It heavily depends on what you want to do. Editing the island or creating a level need a good PC. Probably the specs that you mentioned, but creating simple mods in a test map is something that you can do with 4Core 3GHZ & 8gb ram on a HDD.