Can't walk up stairs

Hi, I got the MedievalTavern pack today and I’m trying to use the stairs.When I try to go up the stairs it’s like I hit a invisible wall at the base.


Open you model in mesh editor, and check collision mesh. If it looks like this:

In menu Collision->Remove Collision

and Collision->Auto Convex Collision. Press “Apply” button in Convex Decomposition.

did what you said, settings look the same. still looks like this.

Also how did you get a screenshot that included the side parts. I have to print screen or I will only get the middle.

  1. You can export this assset to FBX, import to 3d programm and add collision mesh in 3d program. Export from 3d program and import to UE like a new static mesh. Open original asset in mesh editor. Select new mesh with collision mesh and Collision->Copy Collisiont from Selected Staic Mesh. About rules and name convension read in this docs FBX Static Mesh Pipeline | Unreal Engine Documentation

  2. Or add Blocking Volume

Don’t have a 3D program yet.
I download at like 100-200kbps lol, can’t be bothered downloading one now, i’m still new so ill just keep building anyway.