Cant walk through doorway in imported fbx model

Ok, I’m new to this and have hit a bit of a roadblock that seems so simple, but after hours of searching I can’t find a great solution…

I have a small model I am trying to import from 3d and use. Really simple, 4 walls, a door opening, a floor and ceiling. When I hit play, I can’t walk through the door opening. The collider box seems to automatically cover up the door so I cant get through it. What am I missing here?

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if you modelled your doorway as a solid piece of geometry, as in a concave n shape, and turned on generate physics bodies during import, then the physics collider will be a convex hull around the doorway, as in like its bounding box, there will be no gap in it to walk through. Either delete the collider (having no collision on doorway), break it up into 3 parts (left, right, top), each of which will then be convex and therefore the auto generated collider will work, or follow the tutorial on importing physics collider meshes on youtube, this will require you to model a low-poly collider in your art package, which you import alongside the graphics mesh

you can go into mesh editing and switch simple collisions to complex, this will make your player collide “per poly” with your model. In your modelling package you can also create additional mesh that will work as collision geometry just add “UCX_” at the beginning of a name and export it with main mesh trough FBX

Here are 3 different ways how you can add a good collision to your model: :slight_smile:

Awesome - thanks for the quick responses. I’m getting the hang of it now!