Can't use volumes in blueprints... workaround?

Since you can’t have volumes in blueprints, is there a workaround for this? If I have a specific shape of volume that will be used many times over in the game, I’d like to be able to just have a blueprint for it.

How do you mean, can’t use volumes in BPs?

Yes, the question is which volumes are you looking to use. You can use post-process volumes in Blueprints, but it doesn’t look like “pain causing” volume is available in a blueprint. And while a blueprint doesn’t contain “Trigger Volumes”, they DO contain “Collision” shapes, which do the same thing as Trigger Volumes.

I’d like to use Wwise’s AkSpatialAudioVolume. I think that’s a kind of trigger volume. What do you mean by “Collision” shapes?

Ah, I don’t know about Wwise’s volumes being in the blueprints. I was talking about how Blueprints have things called Box Collisions, Capsule Collisions, and Sphere Collisions, which are very similar to the “Trigger Volumes” that are accessible from the Modes panel.