Can't use the toolkit

When I load the toolkit it loads fine but when I click on any blueprint or any item (that isn’t a folder) the whole thing locks up and changes to not responding? I was going to start working on adding some items I don’t want to override anything (so it’s core friendly) but everytime I click a blue print or anything to “copy” it freezes

AMD 8 core 16g ram
gtx 970 video card 4g ram
250g SSD drive
and windows 10 64bit pro

Hi Davetiger,

it might take some time the first time you open the dev kit because it’s loading some assets / shaders in the background. it will ‘freeze’ for a few minutes but after that you should be able to work and open blueprints.

Another reason might be that you don’t have enough ram but 16 should be enough if i remember correctly.

Ok thanx I’ll let it sit for a few maybe it’s just loading it because that is the first time running it

EDIT: thanx that was it I was just being impatient not used to waiting for this machine to do anything :slight_smile:

keep me updated,

If you have any crash with a message post it here :slight_smile:

What I have noticed is that the lag is due to the file being sent into memory. I don’t think memory is your issue though because I launched the editor, set the primal game data override and opened 40 unique blueprints and it was only using about 8 gb of memory. You can monitor your memory to see if it is an issue through the task manager.

I can verify the delay - the first time I open the editor (for Unreal or Ark Dev) it always takes a minute or two to sort things out.

Ya just gotta let it do its thing sometimes. :slight_smile: