Can't use mouse actions on actors generated by construction scripts/procedurally generated actors

Hey I just started using this a couple of days ago, so I’m pretty much completely new. For my first project I decided to create chess by following this tutorial.

I had no problem with the first part. However, on the second part, I was not able to get the mouse clicks to do anything, the part between 3:05 and 7:40. I did everything almost the same way that is done in the tutorial, with the differences most likely being due to the versions of the engine. Just in case, the difference are

  1. I did not use “set show mouse” and just plugged “event begin play” directly into “get all actors of class”
  2. In game mode settings I set the “GameMode Override” to the game mode I created
  3. In the Game Mode that I created I set the “Player Control Class” to the player control class i created
  4. in the Player Control Class under “Mouse Interface” I checked “Show Mouse Cursor” “Enable Click Events” “Enable Mouse Over Events”

The mouse clicks don’t accomplish anything. I also set the “Print String” to output to the log, and the log doesn’t have any entries when I click.

There’s this tutorial posted by one of the devs where the coding works to click/highlight on all the stuff he procedurally generated, but the dev never goes over mouse events. There’s just too much stuff there in the main player controller to figure out what goes with what. If someone could make a tutorial showing how he set all of that up that would be great.