Cant use JC inventory with StaminaHunger System

I have the JC Inventory and the Stamina Hunger system from the marketplace and I cant get them both to work together. I did the Stamina system first, so that works, and the inventory system will pop up, but i cannot see the jigsaw grid


Both fo these things had to be migrated to my project and set up.

I followed these tutorials from the creators to get them set up down to the letter so every single thing they do i did:

Stamina System:

However when i go to game modes and change it to JCinventory FPS the inventory system works fine, but the stamina system disappears completely. Has anyone else had this issue? Does anyone know how to fix it. I am unsure what info you would need to be able to help but just let me know and i’ll post whatever you need. So yeah, they both work in my project, just not at the same time.

I would direct your question to the author of the JC inventory rather than on the general forums.

OK well, I have recieved no reply back after sending multiple emails after all this time, so im just going to post pictures of the blueprint setup and hopefully someone will be able to help me out. I really want to get this solved, so if you need more pictures or whatever just ask and i’ll get it.

JCI #1.png

JCI #2.png

JCI #3.png

JCI #4.png


JCI #6.png

Hey, I am more than happy to make a tutorial for you.

Just send some details of what you want. All I ask is that you cover the cost for me to buy to JC Inventory System.