Can't use Imported Fonts in Text Render Components

Hey everyone! I recently imported a couple new fonts in my project, and I’m using one of them as the primary font of my game. I’ve been using it in my UI widgets so far, but when I use it with Text Render components in my class blueprints, the text itself disappears, and doesn’t even show in-game. Can somebody tell me what I might be doing wrong, and give me a solution please?

It’s all about the cache type and the material. Check this out:…-custom-f.html. It tells you all that you need and more.

I was actually wondering about this myself, thanks for the link

Hey thanks a lot for this! I checked out the post and followed the instructions carefully. However, the text material I made isn’t showing the way it did in the example, and I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong. Do you think you might know where I’ve gone wrong and suggest a fix? I’ve attached a screenshot for your reference. Thanks again!

Change the blend mode from **Opaque **to Translucent. That way, the *Opacity *pin of the material becomes active.

Ahhhh gotcha. Thanks a lot!