Can't use custom material function twice.

One value override another value.

If you want to use one singular node to control the value of two nodes or multiple nodes; then you can convert a scalar / float into a scalar parameter. If you name multiple scalar parameter the same thing they will all default to a single value.

You can simply right-click on one of the scalar values and set it to be a parameter.

Hello, Elias. Thanks for responding. Sorry I could have been misleading. I should have explained the situation in more detail. I made texture with checker and grid.

I also created a material function MF_Triplanar with the input “Size”, which stretches the texture to the entered value in units.

According to my plan, in the first lerp I enter the size of the checker, and in the second and third the size of the grid. but, as you can see in the screenshots below, the input of the first lerp is not taken into account. The second screenshot shows that when the inputs are disabled, only the second function gives an error.

Now I have created a duplicate of the material function “MF_Dublicat” in content browser and connected it to the second and third lerps and I got result I want.

But I wonder why this function can’t work twice with different input values, as it was shown above. At the same time, an input with a texture, if it was, can work without errors. Therefore, I have an assumption that the material function does not work correctly with a scalar value. Please, could you clarify this point.

Removed Vertex Interpolartor node, now works fine