Can't upload mod (ERROR)

In anticipation for a bigger project, I decided to make a small test mod, just to make sure everything works, which it does just fine in the DevKit, but I can’t seem to upload it properly on Steam. I cooked the mod, entered a title, description, preview image and adjusted the visibility to hidden, but when I try to upload it, the window that opens up during the upload given an error (ERROR - Failed to upload workshop item <Limit exceeded>) after a few seconds and immediately closes. When I check on Steam, it does add an item to my workshop, however, it has no title, no image, no description and no content. I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong.

Its been a while since I uploaded, but I remember some of the issues I had with it. I remember having to disable the Steam Guard before I uploaded. It might also be caused by special symbols in the title or something like that, so be sure to get rid of that.

I followed this video exactly and it ended up working:

I would suggest you change visibility to public at first, then after it successfully uploaded set it to hidden by accessing it directly through Steam. I have had problems with private visibility in the past when making mods for other games. Worth a try.

Few points in regards to uploading:

1. If the upload button is greyed out, make sure there is data in Title, Description, Preview Image and you have completed a full cook without having anything in "Test Mod Output" as the upload ability is dictated by your ready-to-upload mod residing in “…\DevKitInstall\ModTools\Output{modfoldername}”;

2. “Error: Failed to parse build config”. There are special characters in the title and/or description, SteamCMD cannot handle these correctly and will throw on these exceptions;

3. “Error: Limited Exceeded”. The image is too large. Generally, the resolution does not matter from my own personal experience, but the size should be ~1MB or thereabouts to be on the safe side.

4. If you change your image too many times, SteamCMD will start misbehaving and will throw Limit Exceeded exceptions every time you try to upload for which the only resolution is to keep making the image smaller… unless you navigate to "…\ARKDevKit\ModTools\SteamCMD\userdata\67564741*(this could be different for you)*\346110\remote" and delete all of the extra images from the image cache that you are no longer using.