Can't Update Payment Information

This is urgent! Today is Cyber Monday and I want to take advantage of this to buy the Pro Sound Collection at -40 %.

But I can’t. First of all my credit card on Paypal suddenly needs to be confirmed out of nowhere, even though as late as a couple of days ago there was no problem buying from somewhere else, using Paypal. Then I thought “Okay whatever, I just use my visa card instead of the mastercard attached to PayPal”. Doesn’t work. I get denied purchase.

So I thought, okay what if I just attach my personal paypal and use that? I can’t. When I press “Save” the launcher just goes around forever in “PLEASE WAIT… Updating your order”. Literally nothing else happens. The same thing occurs when I want to update my Payment information on the Mastercard itself. When I try to just use it I get “do not honor” error code??

I’m getting pretty tired of this now and I’d really like to buy that sound effect asset pack at the reduced price. Please help?

Hi Vipar,

You will need to contact your credit card company in this regard, it seems that the card is not being recognized and will need authorization. Attempting to force the payment may cause the company to block the card as fraudulent activity.