Can't Uninstall UE4

Sorry if this isn’t the technically correct location to post this, but my old hard drive recently crashed and I’m trying to uninstall UE4 and reinstall it on my new hard drive. To clarify, I have an SSD that still works and runs the OS and my larger storage on my standard hard drive is what I needed to replace. So when I try to uninstall Unreal Engine it gives me the message of "Invalid Drive: Z:" and I know that doesn’t exist anymore and I setup my replacement hard drive on H:. I trying to perform this uninstall through the Control Panel which I believe is my only option since I can’t open up UE4 anymore anyway. I already tried to just download and install it, but during installation it was still referencing the original location so that’s why I’m trying to uninstall it.

If anyone has any idea how I’m supposed to get around this, that would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you

You may have to go through regedit manually to change the install directory.
Failing that, remove all the entries.
Then find and remove the files manually.

To remove uninstall/install info from the control panel list, try a program like CCleaner.

why UE4 doesen’t install

I know this is an OLD topic, but I’m not seeing this anywhere else. So in case others are having issues (as I was), here you go.

When in the Epic Games Launcher, in Unreal Engine, under Library, you should see the Engine Version you are trying to uninstall. Click the down arrow and click Remove. Hopefully that does it.