Can't understand why it isn't saving and loading my shop system

Can’t understand why my saving and loading function isn’t working as intended, can someone help me fix my code?
The code should make the bar go up by 33 everytime you push the “+” button, make your money go down by 150 and when it reaches the max level at 3 it hides the “+” button. And load everything everytime you open the game.
Video of the code

It’s hard to tell what’s going on there, you seem to have the right idea. But, I notice that if save game VFX doesn’t exist, nothing else executes.

Could that be it?

Sorry if i was not clear enough, but ithe part of the code that is not working is the one with “SightLVLsave” and “MoneySlot”, those are the ones not working.

Just finded the solution, the code was not loading correctly for some reason so i decided to put everything on the “pre construct” node and it finally worked.