Can't understand a rotation nodes

(It’s actually UE5.0, but i think no need to flood the main theme there)
Hello. Sorry for the lame question, but im trying to understand the basics of the movement.
I am trying to make my character to walk toward the wall, hit it and then rotate once to 90 degrees.
But instead it rotates only like to 5 degrees, no more. What am i doing wrong? Heres my nodes:

I don’t know much myself but I hope this helps somehow:
These are the nodes:

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Well, i’ve changed rotation settings to “use controller desired” and tried your solution.
Surpisingly it rotates now, a bit too harsh but at least some progress, thank you :slight_smile: Need to figure out how to smooth it

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You’re welcome. Experiment with Interp, lerp and timeline nodes for setting rotation values and you’d be fine. Good Luck!

Edit: Here, adding the timeline in-between made it silky smooth, you could modify the timeline’s curve for better eye-appealing results.

but sadly it differs from rotate to changed vector, because it involve none of the foot animation :frowning:
still hoping that there is a way to move by rotated vector properly

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