Can't trigger overlap or block event

Hello everyone.
I’ve just started using UE4 and i run into a problem that i don’t know how to solve.
I have 2 blueprints, a ball and a wall. The ball has some speed and i want to do something when it collides with the wall. But no overlap or block event generates.
This is the event that should trigger:

And these are the collision options that i have enabled: for the ball

and for the wall

Also, when i try to build the project, this warning pops up. I think it might be related with this issue…

I’ve tried everything came into my mind, but nothing.
Can you help me, please?

The answer is in the warning message. Your static mesh has no collision. Navigate to the static mesh in the content browser, double click it to open the editor then click Collision → Add Sphere Simplified Collision

Thank you so much, now it’s all working.