Can't trigger an actor event in sequencer?

Hi everyone, I’m trying to follow a part of the documentation regarding calling events in the sequencer: Calling Events through Sequencer | Unreal Engine Documentation
But for some reason I can’t add an event track to my actor, i’ve attached images of my blueprint setup. Where am I going wrong here?
Any help appreciated!



These events may be called where the sequence is placed, i.e. in the level BP. You can call the actor’s event through level BP.

Could you give an example please? I dont delve into blueprints & scripting too often so i’m a bit of a newbie

Create a Custom event with the same name in the level bp; reference the actor and call the actor’s function by the event you’ve created.

Sorry, can’t show screenshots now.

Yes. Does it work?

Like this?


Nope still don’t have the option to add an event track

Okay, 4.21 has changed the sequencer and now I can’t show you what I mean.

If I remember it right, you have to create an Event Track in the sequencer, add a new key, right click it and enter a name in its properties — this name has to be the name of the custom event you created in the Level BP. And then the sequencer will call this event.

In 4.21 you can’t specify the name; you have to create an Endpoint that opens the graph where you can create your events.

Okay what you said worked, I’ll have look into the updated sequencer at some point, think the documentation needs updating haha because it’s very misleading!
Anyways thanks a lot for your help!