Can't think of how

I want my character and npc to hold skillpoints, but not sure how to set them up right now, kind of lost (well really lost) which node to use and plus how I can fill it with the stats later.

You could just use a Int variable.

Person chops down 10 trees, add +1 to skill logger INT.

You may need more than one, so you could hold them in a struct.


This is the right start of it, if so now what? And thank you all for your help


wait a min is this the right path? if so I see more how it works.


Hey there, a little more information on what exactly you are trying to achieve would help, but let me see if I can get you on the right path:

  1. You are going to want to use a Game Instance to store your skill points. When you change levels, all of your stats will disappear if you don’t store them on a persistent object. Here’s how to do it.
  2. That example also makes use of the get and set node as well I believe. Just follow that tutorial, and let me know if I can help.

Note: It really depends on what type of game you are making, but I would store skills - say lumberjack - like this:

lumberjackCurrentExp (Current experience you have until next level.)
lumberjackNextLevelExp (Experience you need to advance a level.)
lumberjackCurrentLevel (Current level of lumberjack.)
lumberjackMaxLevel (Max level of lumberjack.)
lumberjackTotalPercent (Your skill goes from 0% - 100%, at 100%, it can’t be raised any more levels.)

Why use all these variables? More control over gains and rewards. This is complicated though, so you might want to start with just a percentage.

Also, you will want to probably use UMG for a status bar, and bind your bar to the total percent. That is a topic for later, right now you can use Print String to print out a debug value.

In regard to the struct, this is how I did one, I agree with Britain.

These are for my different stats, but now I can use an array to hold manys people data


This is making an array out of one.