Can't test Oculus Quest

I am using 4.25.3 Okay, I am doing a job for my sister in law who is getting her PHD in education. She is doing a thesis/dissertation. I am building the scene and programing it while she has the Oculus on her side. I have done everything I have seen in any tutorial on setting up the Oculus Quest. I have set up Android Studio, ADB, Project settings, Editor settings, Oculus settings, on both my side as well as hers. I am able to package out the project perfectly and she can too. The editor shows the existence of the Oculus, but the VR Preview is still greyed out. VR Mode and all are set as I stated already. We or should I say she can not test it in editor nor from the package. We got close, maybe, but it was just a black screen. I am really struggling with this and was hoping someone here could help get us up and going on testing. Thanks so much for any help.

I am willing to send the project to anyone who can help. This is not a “Game” game so I am not worried about you using it. It is only a library for kids to read in, in VR. I have done so much to no avail.
Would really appreciate some assistance. Thanks