Can't tell when editor is frozen

Feature request:

In UE4 there was a pulsing animation in the top right corner, when that would stop pulsing, I could tell that the editor was frozen. There is no indication anymore, the layout is beautiful in UE5 but it isn’t practical without some indication when the editor freezes up. I just end up repeatedly clicking what I want to open, thinking that it hasn’t registered my click, and end up with an unresponsive editor which I have to force quit. A small indication like the pulsing animation in UE4 would be appreciated.

If you go into “Editor Preferences” and type in “frame rate”, then enable the option that comes up, it will show the framerate in FPS at the top-right corner of the main window. Given that these values are constantly changing, you can tell if the editor is frozen or not.


good point

I’d still say it’s useful tho since you can’t tell when you’re inside a blueprint or something, assuming you mean the fps that only shows in the viewport

It’s the tutorial notification, i would assume when UE5 goes live that all the tutorial stuff will come back, including all the “look at me” stuff.
Side note, im glad im not the only one that left them alone and enabled as a way to see if the engine had frozen <3