Can't tell if Gamestate is working or not in 4.15

I’ve run into issue trying to change the game state in 4.15… I am using the third person template I need someone here to tell me exactly what the steps are I need to do in order to change the game state mode for the third person template character. I need to see if my print string that I placed in the custom gamestate will come up on the screen to let me know that the custom gamestate is actually getting any input…(THIS IS NOT A MULTIPLAYER project) because the custom game state I made has not been firing off the event begin play, or bringing my print string up on the screen and i dont’ know why…

My Settings. Project Settings.

Default Gamemode is set to third person Gamemode.
Default pawn Class is Third Person Char

Game State Class: Examplemapgamestate

In World Settings:

Game Mode Override: Third PersonGameMode
Default Pawn Class Third Person Char

Game State Class: Examplemapgamestate.

NOW WHY ISN"T the custom gamestate getting any input? I can’t even
move the controls…But soon as I put it on Gamestate BASE, I
get all the control back of my pawn, but my question is WHY isn’t the
Custom Gamestate working?

If this setup is not correct will someone please show me
what the correct setup is so I can get the third person project
to use a custom game state as I need it in order to switch

You just open a new Third Person Example project, you switch the GameState and you can’t move anymore?

Same thing happened to me