Can't take variable from another BP


I’m trying to realize weapon system. I have next schema - parent weapon BP. Child weapon BP. In child weapon there is variables - Gunoffset and projectile speed. I’m trying to spawnactor from character BP. Got error Accessed None from child weapon blueprint variable. Here is some screeshots. I have an idea that i have to do it via Cast to but dont understand what to give is funchtion as Object

“Accessed None” error means you tried to call something to object variable that is not set or function that returned None, simply you calling the emptiness. If you need more help, tell on which point you getting this error?

I have the same problem :confused:

Checked it, if u had a look at my code iy tell sme if VAR is NULL, this var have a value, but i cant can’t take it. A little more sreenshots to prove it! Second one - left top corner - value of variable

[alt text][1]

It’s mine oponion - we shouls solvr via cast… but i dont see 'ne fuuction to get )) kinda problem

Oh, big sorry i forgot to tell that nul error i have when trying to get var “BasicgunLnk” It’s reference to BP BasicGun inside of BasicGun there is vector Var GunOffset i need to get… and this Var is not Null

I sugget that i need to do Cast but don’t know how

Finally i’ve made it. In a strange way but made it. Maybe someone can help me with optimizing it?
I’m taking array of all actor by class - writing to local variable by ForEachLoop, Casting it and finally - We got it - vector variable from actor blueprint. Any ideas how to make it without arrays?Screenshot down there )