Can't sweep trace against Landscapes


Im using a SweepTraceByChannel to trace against some meshes and actors, but now i need to do the same sweep trace detect landscapes.

I tried to use SweepByProfile, but even with everything in the same registered in engine profile (options > collision), the trace against landscape didnt work.

No matter what i try, my sweep didnt detect the landscape.

My sweep is a capsule trace with the same start and end, around my character to check proximity.

Sorry for the english, i didnt found any help on internet for my problem.


PS: The channel im using is ECC_Visibility, not Camera. It was a test.

You’re not raycasting through anything, the Trace Start and Trace End points are exactly the same so it will early out.

If you want to know what the character is walking on, you can get the “Floor” from the Character Movement system.

This is the correct answer.

Thanks for the response.

The variable “DeltaDistanceToAttach” is a float that im using to make a bigger “capsule” than my “custom character” capsule in the sweep trace.

What im trying to do in reality is a sweep trace around the same point (my custom character capsule), so i did the trace start and end the same point.

It works against Static Mesh’s and Actors.

I ill try change the trace end.

About the character component, im writing everything from scratch (both my character that is a pure pawn and my movement component).

I ill check the character code and the floor functions.


Tried changing Trace end and Start.

Didnt work against Landscape. Only with Static Mesh and Actors.

Ill check the code for floor on character movement for insights.