Can't summon new dino variants.

Alright, I’ve been working on a mod that will add a number of dinosaurs into the game (and tweaking the current ones to be more realistic)… Unfortunately, while the animals work perfectly fine when I test them in the editor… none of them function in the actual game, either through spawning normally or summoning. They simply don’t appear.

I followed this guide ( and watched a number of tutorial videos. The only thing I can think of that’s different about my mod is that I have a number of subfolders in my mod folder to keep it organized. That shouldn’t be affecting it, should it?

If you followed the instructions then you have also altered the “Remap NPCSpawn Entries” to your new spawn maps (or you can replace them via “Remap NPC”) and the you may have to wipe all of the dinos that spawn naturally. Usually I will need to “destroywilddinos” and wait for them to respawn to see the new effects. If thats not working then I can only assume that the spawners are not connected properly via “Resmap NPCSpawn Entries”.