Can't submit bug report

Hello Epic Games, I tried to submit a bug report via this page:

However, after filling in all data and clicking on the submit button, the page’s grey-ish “loading” screen appears - and stays.
And it really stays there forever, I let the browser tab open for several hours, but without luck.
Tried it today again, but with the same issue.

Is this page broken?
How can I properly submit a bug report?

Sounds like the form had a bit of an issue, but that should all be resolved. Would you mind trying again?

Thanks, I managed to get it working in Chrome (instead of Firefox before).

Having the same problem now… in both Firefox and Chrome, with all blockers turned off…

Still doesn’t work for me…

I have posted up a detailed inspection of what’s going on with the bug report submission form here:

@Amanda.Schade please address why the bug submission form is not working…