Can't stop the preview warning spam - help!

I make use of the Output Log for debug messages and other things but it is getting flooded with array out of bounds and other errors that are related to ‘real time’ preview updates of my character while the game is not running.

I’ve added logic that runs on every animation update to avoid the warnings due to code not being initialized - to silence the errors when the game is not running. I hate that these tests will be unnecessary during game execution.

The CharacterBP Viewport will not save the Real-Time option = OFF setting. If I can get this setting to stick then the tests for game state on every frame will be unnecessary. Is there a way to do this?

Is there a good way to determine if BP code is being run due to game execution vs character preview? GetGameTimeInSeconds accumulates time even when the game is stopped. Currently I’m checking IsValid on a reference that is stored during an init routine but am looking for a better way.

Thanks much!