Can't step up on Characters mesh


I have some Character with Skeletal Mesh, that have Phys ■■■.
In settings of the Skeletal Mesh in the Character Step Up On option is set to ECB Yes.
But my another Character can’t step up on this Mesh - it’s slides off from this mesh.
Repro video:

How to make Step Up on this mesh for another Character?

Thank you!

Solved! I need to switch Step Up On to the “Yes” value not only for my mesh - I need to switch Step Up On to the “Yes” value for Characters Collision Capsule too!

Привет) не могу справиться с похожей задачей, может вы сможете мне помочь)
Суть такова - противник переходя в состояние смерти становится рагдолом, я хочу чтобы мой персонаж мог наступить на него, а не отталкивать от себя при коллизии.
К примеру есть кучка из 100 рагдолов и мне надо подняться на ее вершину.
“ECB yes” установлен в капсуле и меше как моего персонажа так и рагдола, но я продолжаю пинать их вместо того чтоб наступать


Bro, please, speak English :).

Yep, my native language is Russian, but we are on English site, that made by developers from USA/EU and info on this site must be available for all people in the World.

Please, translate your question into English.

Hi) I can’t cope with a similar task, can you will be able to help me) the Essence such is - the enemy character passing into a condition of death becomes “ragdoll”, I want my character could step on it, but not push away from himself at a collision. For example there is a small hill from 100 ragdolls, and I should move up on its top.
“ECB yes” is set in a capsule and a mesh in my character and ragdoll, but I continue to kick them instead of climb up)

in a few words - ragdoll body as step )

sry for me English)