Can't start a new project if it's Film, Television and Live Events

Hello there,

I can’t start a new project if I choose Film, Television and Live Events. It gets stuck on 39% on the loading project screen and never get past this point.
UE 4.26.0

Thinking about reset UE globally to see what happens. Been searching about how to reset everything without uninstalling and downloading all the stuff again but didn’t find yet how to do it.

Aprecciate any clue on this 2 subjects!

I believe it’s just compiling shaders and this takes a while, especially the first time. It can take a couple hours, but you might get by a bit quicker if you set the processes for the shader compilation in task manager to high priority. Just putting this here in case you haven’t figured it out as I just dealt with this. Seems to depend on the engine features you’re using.


It happens for this ‘class’ of project even if I choose to start a new project in the ‘blank’ option. That’s strange it needs to compile any shades and so. Anyway I will try it more, like leaving the computer alone to see if the project will start anytime.
Thank you