Can't "Split Struct Pin" on UE5

I am learning to develop with Blueprints and I am following some tutorials. Right now I’m trying to deal damage to an NPC, and I need to “Split struct pin” from an array of the function “Multi Sphere Trace By Channel”. But it’s disabled and it shows a message saying “Cannot split the struct pin, it may be missing blueprint exposed properties”.
How can I accomplish that step and be able to split the array?

Thanks for any help!


OutHits is array, it may contain multiple structs. You first need to get an array element, then you can split it. Use [Get] of [ForEach Loop] nodes, or what is relevant to your setup;

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Like you said, the “Multi Sphere Trace By Channel” gives an array and I had to split, get or iterate that array, but finally I realiced that the problem was that in the tutorial they were using “Sphere Trace By Channel”, and I picked the wrong one “Multi Sphere Trace By Channel”.

Thanks for your help!

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