Cant spawn weapon in blueprint

Hi everyone, I’m new to UE4 and just started my first practice project. I’m trying to make a simple FPS game, but I can’t spawn my weapon. I’m doing it follow the youtube tutorial. I am sure that my socket name is spelling correct. Any idea why it is not spawning?

No spawning or not attaching?

Also, the spawned weapon or “Wepn Prim” should be connected to “Target” and “Parent” should be connected to a reference to the mesh. Also, set "Location Rule " to “Snap to Target”.

on Spawn Actor from class you didn’t connect the spawn transform location you need to connect to get Socket Transform connect the Target to the mesh you use then in attach Actor to component it need parent to be connect to the mesh ,then you need to change the location Rule ,Rotation Rule, Scale Rule need to be Snap To target