Cant solve the strange ‍shadows in Unreal

Trying to remove the strange shadows in unreal using Different settings in lightmass also using Production Build quality. But No Hope!. Please Help!
Please see the attached screenshots.


Hello, I have just uploaded screenshots for a single wall for sorting the problem, but strange shadows also appearing on the all other walls. I have changed Light Map coordinate index of this wall to 1 before it was 2. I’ve uploaded screenshots for both UV of this wall. Building light using Production quality. Unfortunately, these does not work. Still appearing the strange shadows.

@cwm83 I am just trying your method hope it works, but not totally removed the shadows.

[USER=“1210893”][/USER] Yes! you’re right I’am testing the scene for archviz. I am trying to achieve the best possible quality. I’ve to Change lightmap resolution to higher value 1024. also I’ve deleted the top faces from all the walls for avoiding overlapping faces. Made few changes on lightmasssettings which I got from another post of this forum. It’s pretty nice now but you may noticed if you see the screenshot there the right side wall still have strong shadows.