Can't Sign In

Hello, when trying to Sign In the launcher i’ve this message:

“Sorry the account credentials you are using are invalid”

No answer coming? I can’t even received Email from the site. Maybe i have to confirm my Email but if i don’ t received it…What to do?

Though Epic does keep an eye on the AnswerHub, they do not actively guarantee to respond to all questions. It is also worth noting that occasionally it can take a little while before there’s a response. Most of the Epic team answer questions in their free / spare time.

However, to your question. Are you able to login successfully through the website, and not the launcher? Are you sure you used a valid and correct email address? These are probably obvious, but it is worth checking, to be sure.

As a last resort you can reach out to Epic for account-related issues by emailing they’ll be able to assist if nothing else works.

What worked for me was to reset my password… Tried again and I got right in…


Hello Rhomulan,

I apologize for the delayed response. If you are able to log into your account page, please us the reset password function to set new credentials. In most cases, this will fix the issue. If this does not resolve it, please e-mail with your display name and one the of agents there will be able to assist you.