Can't show image from an item data.

Hello all , first of all sry for my bad english and lack of knowlegde in devellopment.
I have followed this tutorial and this part is a problem : - YouTube

so what i wanna do : when i click on any item in inventory => display an image in the square at the right like this :

display thunmb 1 ok.png

Each item has 2 differents images variables (i need one for inventory and one to display the item picked in the square.)

It works fine when i display the first (2D texture) variable of my item named thumbnail in the square (but this image is reserved to display the item in the inventory)
And it didnt work when i display the other one (same 2D texture variable so i dont understand why )

Here is the 2 variable (thumbnail and selctimage)
display thunmb 1 ok.png

And here is the function to display (with binding) the selected image in the square (and again it works when i plug it in the thumbnail variable)

so any help would be greatly apprecied ! :slight_smile: thanks for reading !

Nvm i’ve found the probleme just had to replug it in the pick up function of the tuto my bad !

sry !