Can't ship with 4.6.1 and Maps 4.6.1 crash with 4.8

We have problems opening of our game in other version than 4.6.1

Some maps crash on pressing play with 4.7 (preview 5) but can be opened… When duplicate the map the new duplicate one seems to work … but Components inside the vehicule pawn have moved position on Z (append also on 4.8)…
On 4.8 (promoted ) this crash when you try to load the map…

We can’t send the game to apple with the 4.6.1

If we build it in armv7 only this pass the application loader process but we recive an email from apple that from the 1 february they need the arm64 in the binary. But if we build with also the arm64 we got an error from application loader ITMS-90085 “No architectures in the binary. Lipo failed to detect any architectures in the bundle executable.”

In production this work well on all devices … with armv7, arm64, armv7s …

here the error when we open the map in 4.8 or try to build IOS on 4.8 using xcode6.1.1 , arrive also with simple vehicle sample , not only my map… :

Assertion failed: (Index >= 0) & (Index < ArrayNum) [File:D:\UnrealEngine4\SRCs\UnrealEngine-promoted\UnrealEngine-promoted\Engine\Source\Runtime\Core\Public\Containers\Array.h] [Line: 678]
Array index out of bounds: 5 from an array of size 5
UE4Editor.exe has triggered a breakpoint.
UE4Editor.exe has triggered a breakpoint.
[2015.02.07-15.33.01:687][499]LogWindows:Error: Windows GetLastError: The operation completed successfully. (0)
[2015.02.07-15.33.01:688][499]LogWindows: === Critical error: ===
Assertion failed: (Index >= 0) & (Index < ArrayNum) [File:D:\UnrealEngine4\SRCs\UnrealEngine-promoted\UnrealEngine-promoted\Engine\Source\Runtime\Core\Public\Containers\Array.h] [Line: 678]
Array index out of bounds: 5 from an array of size 5

Hope we will able to ship with 4.7 :wink:

This 2 topics dosn’t help

Picked up the same issues. Seems 4.6.1 is completely broken when it comes to shipping.

Hey -

To help me investigate the crash there are some questions I’d like to ask regarding how your packaging process. Are you using the binary version of the engine from the launcher or are you using the source code from GitHub? Are you using Incredibuild at all? Also, is the project you’re trying to package a blueprints project or a code project? Does the crash occur when building for device as well as for windows?


Hi, I’m using the code from GitHub … I’m not using incredible build …

This crash is with 4.8 version → Rebuilt binaries for promoted changelist 2434822. 6 days ago…

When i build for windows I can access to the editor ( It’s build without errors for windows 64 ) but if i open my scene This crash or triger a breakpoint on Array.h … If I build the IOS version this make an error during IOS build on the Array.h … So i can’t build the IOS with 4.8 and test if it’s ok with binary combination of armv7, arm64…

As I tell you with 4.6.1 from GitHub all build sucessfully in all configuration … Developement, Shipping… I use the correct Provisioning profile and in dev It’s work well in armv7, armv7s, arm64 on Iphone 4, 4s, 5, 5s, 6, 6 Plus…

If I send only a build with armv7 to apple this pass trought the application loader… but i recive a mail from apple that from the 1st february 2015 they need the arm64 in the binary … If i build only the arm64 application loader tell this is a arm64 build and they need the armv7 (so they detect well the arm64 )… but if i build the 2 config armv7, arm64 in the same binary I got the error ITMS-90085 “No architectures in the binary. Lipo failed to detect any architectures in the bundle executable.”
So application loader was unable to detect what is build in the binary …

My game is made with blueprints without modifications of the code … Currently I’m using a c++ project but I have test with 2 type of projects… and it’s same … the 4.8 build correctly the project in c++ project … My Map that crash contain array in blueprints … simple maps can be opened in 4.8 (like main start map with a button and a background)

For 4.6 I have test with the one from 4.6 branch → Back out changelist 2405886 29 days ago
and one from release branch → Rebuilt binaries for promoted changelist 2389353. 2 months ago

Hey -

In the Project Settings under the platform section there is a selection for iOS. Inside the iOS section there is a heading for “Build” which lists the different support options for ARM. Could you send a screenshot of how this section is setup in your project?

Additionally, based on the crash it seems that something is trying to access an array element outside the size of the array. I’m not sure how often you are using arrays but you may want to check that they are sized appropriately and that anything trying to access them is not trying to access an element outside the array size.

Hi , I have remove the map by deleting it from the project the other map are simple maps and your vehicule blueprint example … all map that exist in this project can be opened but if you build it you got the error …

With 4.8 for this test in settings packaging I’m on developement mode and full rebuild option … It’s same with xcode6.1 and xcode 6.1.1

Hi , The version Rebuilt binaries for promoted changelist 2444381. 2 days ago build for EDITOR and IOS in dev mode
When we add the TrackGenerator folder → Buleprint Splines Track from your samples in the editor this BREAK In file → K2Node_CallArrayFunction.cpp Ligne 42
UE4Editor-BlueprintGraph.dll!UK2Node_CallArrayFunction::PostReconstructNode() Line 42 C++

The Blueprint Track sample work with 4.7 but we can’t test the build because we have not GitHub sources as describe we should test with promoted that should be the more stable…
Same problem of Array than before with last 4.8.0 … Hope this help to fix so we can test if we can ship on apple …

Hey -

Sorry for the delayed response. If you are trying to package for iOS you can do so with the 4.7 branch version of the engine on GitHub. Using this engine version will allow you to go into Edit → Project Settings and set the support settings for both armv7 as well as arm64 in both Development and Shipping configurations.